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My name is Joneitra but most call me Nee-Nee. I am a 200+ hour trained and skilled yoga guide based out of King George, VA. I enjoy creating space for all bodies, regardless of ability and all persons regardless of race, age, class, or religion to access the benefits of yoga. Sharing light, holding space and empowering others to find a better INNERstanding through movement and meditation is my passion. 

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My Story

The idea of Bare U yoga actually started around 2014 when I wanted to put together a project to empower women and girls to find self love. Learning from my experiences of being bullied as a kid and later being involved in toxic relationships, I wanted to create a safe space for girls and women to release, let go and forgive so that they are able to discover or rediscover themselves and come to terms with their power and purpose in this world. I didn't move forward with the project but the idea came back around in 2018 when I found yoga. 

After going through life struggles I turned to yoga to find confidence in my self. The first year or so I was not consistent with my practice, nut I kept starting over and over and I began to find self awareness, self acceptance and i really started to see the benefits of yoga from the connection of breath to movement & mindfulness. I now see the practice of yoga as an opportunity for us to find softness but also strength and cultivate awareness of our own experiences as we learn and grow. 

In 2020, when I received my Yoga Teacher Training Certification Bare U yoga was also born. I continue to have this passion to empower others to be their authentic selves and yoga is my way of doing that. Since I became a teacher, I have been finding ways to use yoga to create movement to release emotion. Dancing is one of my favorite ways so far! 


I enjoy teaching beginner yoga, slow flow, and hot yoga and in my classes and sessions you will feel connected to your self and feel your way to healing.

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