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Yoga (Yoh-guh): To unite the spirit and physical body and assist us to become aware of, and connect with our divine nature.


A safe and healing space created to offer connection, belonging, and awareness. Bare U's mission it to help U find a better Innerstanding. U will have the opportunity to experience and to FEEL your way to a better and more mindful U! 

We combine meditation and mindful movements to release negative energies of the body and mind, while restoring the self to its own unique source of energy.

Whether U want to improve your confidence and self love, develop a stronger mind-body-breath connection, or build a lifestyle to support your health and wellness, Bare U Yoga is here to give U the space to feel free, express yourself, evolve and love!

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Our Offerings


Not sure where to start? Want to get to know your instructor? Have very specific questions or needs? Let's chat about what has brought you here and discuss your goals and my approach so we're able to decide if this is a perfect match for your journey.


Private yoga & meditation

Private sessions are individualized  experiences. We offer both in person and online sessions to meet your busy schedule.


Group & Corporate Events

Have a special event coming up and want to host a yoga session for you and all your guest? we provide you with an exceptional yoga experience that is sure to ground, reset, relax, and restore


What the students are saying...

"I appreciate your comfy and grounded vibes, that helped my mind settle down & focus inward. The physical assistance in my poses was great help, truly. Thank you"

B Andy

"Nee-Nee is a beautiful soul. I did private sessions with her during my 2nd trimester and she was a joy. Very patient and hands on to make sure I am getting the benefits my body needs. Thank you Nee-Nee!!!"


"Did a yoga class online with Nee Nee! She brings calm energy into my practice and I love that about her sessions. Nee was very patient and catered to my needs by modifying certain poses for me. She's amazing."

Dian Davis

"I take Nee-Nee's class every week right before work. She sets my minds and body at ease before I start my day."

Tanya Williams


Nee-Nee, Certified Yoga Teacher & Owner of Bare U yoga

Everything in this world is a miracle, including YOU!

We all need Love

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